Feb 21, 2010

Craft or Bust Week 7 check-in and roundup (Feb 14-20)

It feels like it's been a year since the last check-in, for me. Can't tell what's going on with my sense of time, there. Anyway, this week we're joined in Craft or Bust by Courtney! Woohoo! No links to her online presence at the moment, though ... booo. ;) Her CoB goals are:

1) Complete six quilts in 2010.
2) Experiment with new bag patterns. Complete at least one a month.
3) Get creative with knitting projects. Don't just stick with favorites even though patterns are comforting.
4) Create a new meal every Sunday
5) Start a window garden.

Also, I have been a slacker on getting the RAK lists out. I'll send them today, though, to those of you who have expressed interest, and maybe I'll even put them into a post. ;)

And did you notice the link at the top of the blog to the page with all the CoB stuff on it? :D I haven't figured out yet how to make the tabs show up as a color instead of creepily floating little links, but anyway, CoB stuff should be easier to find now.

/announcements DONE!

Roundup of Week 6: What We Crafted From Feb 7-13]

  • Velma summed up her Week 6 thusly: "Ravelympics + 1000 Ideas for Creative Reuse book signing + Valentine's Day embroidery." Read about it on her blog.
  • Jessica finished her bat shawl, despite the necessity of frogging, and blocked it — go, knitter, go! There was a convenient snow day, on which she baked bread, roasted a chicken, and made Rice Krispies treats. (Geez, you should come visit my house on snow days — not that we have them here...) She also made a vanilla pudding pie and knit about 6 inches of a hat for the dear Mr. Richard. Nice!
  • Sarah made and photographed a bunch of new jewelry, "prodded my new webpage hopefully, but found no signs of an emerging blog," (I just had to quote that because she keeps saying the funniest things in her check-ins ;)), and made French marshmallows. (To which I would like to say: OMG.) Even if she also "learned a valuable lesson. Rose syrup is not the same thing as rose water. Rose syrup is like the vanilla syrup you'd pour in your latte, and rose water is like vanilla extract, and if you use the same amount of rose water in a recipe that called for rose syrup, what you get are marshmallows that taste like rubbing alcohol and potpourri, but that keep your home smelling rosy for days." (I feel like a lazy bum quoting so much, but seriously, Sarah is Teh Funny. And also lives near enough that I should go steal some of her chocolate marshmallows, or the coconut rum(!!) ones.)
  • Meredith C posted twice to her blog (woo!), finished and blocked a stole, made mole and fresh tortillas (you guys are seriously kicking my butt on the foodiness), swatched her alpaca/silk handspun, joined the knitting Olympics, and cast on a shrug and a baby onesie. Holy whoa. Read about her productive week on her blog here and here.
  • Halloweentango (Michelle) finished her first lace piece (AWESOME!) and learned some new stitches doing so (MORE AWESOME!), worked on the TwitKAL shawl, finished a pen drawing, and continued sorting through photographs. Read about it on her blog.
  • Lunabudknits, a.k.a. Stephanie Stratton flicked, carded, and spun a skein of yarn from a fleece. (Which I also need to do. ::looks guiltily at bags of fleece piling up in craft room::) She also worked on her turquoise shawl, persevering against the apparent lack of progress that happens in the last part when you're knitting like a million stitches in a row. She also picked an alpaca fleece so she could start carding it. Mmm. Alpaca.

Check-in for Week 7: What Have You Done Lately? (Feb 14-20)

What I did this week:

Ravelympics badge: Designer BiathlonSunday, I had B do a photo shoot with me so I could finally test the fingerless gloves pattern, knitted on the TwitKAL shawl, turned the heel and powered through the gussets of Filey sock 1, and wrote up some documentation for prospective test-knitters. Monday I worked more on the test-knitter files and did a ton of work on building database-driven content for the Web site redesign (although I'm nowhere near finished). Tuesday I finished Filey sock 1, cast on Filey sock 2, and knit 2/3 inch of cuff ribbing (so THERE, Second Sock Syndrome!). And to throw in some food stuff because I'm feeling left out, I made Chinese longevity noodle soup with joi choi, enoki mushrooms and Thai hot peppers. :D Wednesday, I worked more on the test-knitter documents (I can hear you yawning ;)), posted my call to test knitters for the fingerless gloves, sent out the first test-knitting packages, sorted and started hand-carding some hand-dyed Merino clouds, and knit a few rows on Filey sock 2. Thursday, I finished writing a knit wrist distaff pattern, knit two wrist distaffs, photographed them, and posted the pattern here on the blog and in the Ravelympics finish line thread, thereby earning my first Ravelympics medal EVER! :D I also put in my request on Ravelry to be hooked up as a designer so I can edit my own pattern listings. Friday, I sent some more test-knitting packages to new testers and worked on Filey sock 2. Saturday, I looked up some steeking information with fixing my mom's tank top in mind, did some math in preparation for dyeing a big (big for me...) batch of fiber, and knit what felt like a ton on Filey sock 2 (from halfway through the leg all the way through the beginning of the gussets).

WHEW. I guess it feels like a year since the last check-in since I've done almost as much in one week as I did in all of last year. ;) Sooo...

What did you craft this week?

(Don't forget to use the standard check-in format on the rules page!)
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