Feb 14, 2010

Craft or Bust Week 6 check-in and roundup (Feb 7-13)

Notes and Announcements

Happy Chinese New Year, supercrafters! Oh, and happy Valentine's, too. ;)

New person!

This week we're joined by LunabudKnits AKA Steph, whose CoB goal(s) are: to finish all UFO's on my knitting needles; to clean, card, spin and knit a sweater out of the BFL fleece I bought last year; and to really hunker down and finish spinning my friend's alpaca fleeces so that her sister can crochet them into a blanket for her.

RAK List Update

I have currently have four RAK forms on file. If you're interested in sending/receiving crafty goodies, check out the information near the bottom of the rules page and send in your form. I'll be sending out the RAK forms by e-mail first, I think, and then maybe I'll post them somewhere around here...

Roundup of Week 5: What We Crafted From Jan 31-Feb 6

  • Halloweentango (Michelle) finished a knitted RAK square, worked on her TwitKAL shawl, worked on her inspiration book (ooo, that sounds nice!), read about felting, and sorted photographs. Read about it on her blog!
  • Velma spun a yarn called "Rosy Nipples" (ha, ha ;D), attended two stitch 'n bitch gatherings, and acquired new craft supplies. Read about it on her blog!
  • Meredith C did a double check-in last week, in which she frogged her scarf+hood project (sniffle), worked on her stole (see the blog link for a photo!), finished her Veyla mitts, spun some yarn, swatched lace and swatched for a baby-gift project, and fought a spell of startitis. Read about it on her blog!
  • Sarah bought a web domain and hosting and wished for a blog to emerge as a result ;), and learned about the need for gloves and a vise in metalworking as she was attacked repeatedly by a chasing hammer. ;)
  • LunaTheFarmLady changed her blog banner, streamlined her blog's CSS, added some blog widgets, worked on her WordPress Web Shop, and started working with graphic software with the goal of putting together a flyer and brochure for her shop opening. She also finished her patternless mitt, started crocheting baby blanket squares for a friend who had a baby, got together supplies for making a Valentine garland with a friend, organized some non-fibery craft supplies with her new apprentice spinner ;D, went to Ikea for shop display supplies, put together a huge yarn order (and started working up the courage to send it in), and spun some more on her Valentine yarn. Wheeeeeew.
  • Jessica finished the body of a shawl and picked up stitches for the border, cast on a Fair Isle Harry Potter bag, acquired yarn for a friend's hat, cast on the hat, made a banana cake, and started a game of six degrees of separation on her living room wall (which sounds really interesting...).
  • Vickie worked on finishing her plaster shrines (blog post here), started a project for Art & Soul Vegas (blog post here), and learned to stuff arting into small moments by always having something going. Hurrah!
  • Elabeth worked yet more on her knitting WIPs (so. much. knitting.) and finished a beaded bracelet WIP, with promised photos to come. ;D

Check-in for Week 6: What Have You Done Lately? (Feb 7-13)

What I did:

Ravelympics Day 2/Filey socksSunday, I finally cast on the Hug Monster test knit (Rav link) for NattyKnits and knit the body. Monday, I finished the Hug Monster and sent my comments to the lovely designer; I also cast on Traveling Woman shawl very belatedly for the TwitKAL. Tuesday, I made a set of test lace stitch markers for me to try on TwitKAL shawl, and worked more on knitting the TwitKAL. Wednesday, I created a yards per ounce spreadsheet for my handspun yarn. (I'll be sharing it with you guys soon — as soon as it's not ugly any more. ;)) Thursday, I added a scrolling product widget to the Star and Crossbones Web site, worked on the Web site redesign (no peeking yet! ;)), converted my business logo from Photoshop to Illustrator, and prepped for the Ravelympics with a new Ravatar and some project tagging. Friday was Ravelympics Day 1! I cast on Brian's late-Christmas-gift Filey socks and knit the cuff of one sock during the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics, and worked a little more on the Web site redesign. Saturday, Ravelympics Day 2, I knit to the end of the leg of Filey Sock 1, and finished one rep of Chart A on TwitKAL (actually, I made it to the beginning of the color change in the yarn — finally!).

What did you craft this week?

(Don't forget to use the standard check-in format on the rules page!)
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