Sep 24, 2010

Learning to knit continental with the Bainbridge Scarf; also, bread

Post-Debacle recovery continues apace. My broken knitting needle cable is keeping me from finishing the last bit of ribbing on my hooded shrug (arrrrgh!), so I cast on a quick new project while I'm waiting for the cable replacement to arrive (or for myself to get impatient enough to just go buy a new circular needle). Also, new project = because I really needed to practice continental knitting before what I learned at the Florida Fiber-In wore off.

My chosen pattern for the First Continental Knitting Project is the Bainbridge Scarf (which you can find as a free PDF download on Pepperknit). So far:

Bainbridge Scarf

In case you're wondering what the crap happened to the corset project I was working on right before Dragon*Con, I really would have liked to get back to that immediately after coming back from Atlanta, but the pattern pieces and the mock-up corset were among the things that got rearranged and/or thrown out in the Debacle. I actually found the corset mock-up when we dug through the trash last Friday (so THERE to the person who threw it out to begin with!) but it's currently awaiting its turn in the washing machine, so I haven't been able to bring myself to work on that again. Plus, the craft room is a bit of a mess, since the person who rearranged part of the house decided to use that room as a holding area for nearly everything that didn't get thrown out.

Anyway, today I also made bread.

Beer bread!

Beer bread, to be specific. It was from a mix someone gifted us a while ago, but after the sad loss of my sourdough starter (yes, another casualty of the Debacle), it helped remind me of exactly why I need to get off my butt and bake more. Besides, it smells just as good as bread made from scratch, and I'm sure it'll taste yummy, too. Maybe I'll go find out right now. ;)
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