Sep 25, 2010

Adventures in Recycling (or, So Begins the Death and Rebirth of a Sweater)

I had a problem: My sense of yarn is not as good as my sense of fabric. I mean that quantity-wise; I tend to add yarn to my stash in increments of one or two balls (or skeins, or whatever), not knowing what on earth I'm going to do with it. Then, when I do figure out what the yarn would be great for, I never have enough yardage.

This is not a problem I have with fabric. I can find a great fabric, buy one or two yards (for probably the same amount of money it takes to buy one ball of yarn — sigh ;)), and know that when I finally decide it should be a skirt (or a shirt or a tote bag or a pillowcase or a sharktopus stuffed toy), I will have enough fabric to make what I want to make.

But notice! The first sentence of this post is in the past tense. I admit that the problem isn't solved completely, but I have found a solution, and occasionally I even remember that it's already in my stash.

The perfect-fit cheap solution: Recycle old sweaters into yarn. I get cool, unique yarn, and it inherently comes in yardages high enough to make, say, a whole sweater. ;)

The one thing this solution isn't? Quick. But you know that saying about fast, cheap and good ... You get to pick two of the three. This is a case where that's true.

And my stashing habit is also easily fed by sweater collection. I have boxes of thrifted sweaters waiting to be transformed, phoenix-like, into cool new yarny things. Meet today's victim:

Sweater, pre-recycling
Rarr! I am sweater ... but not for long!

It's a soft, cuddly cabley thing that I would honestly love to turn into something for me. But the joke's on me, because I can't. And this is why:
Sweater to be recycled: content tag
Oh, the bunnanity!

CRAP. I am allergic to angora.

Another reason I really meant it when I titled the post "Adventures in Recycling." ;) I'm not deathly allergic to angora (though I don't know anyone who is...), but it's enough to make me itch and sneeze and generally be uncomfortable. The last time I tried to recycle an angora sweater, I did all three of those things. This time will be different ... oh, yes, this time will be different. At least, I'm going to do everything in my power to make it different.

Weapon Number One in the Battle of Fiber Artist Vs. Angora: over-the-counter allergy medicine. Because my allergy is mild, I'm hoping a mild allergy medication will help. Cross fingers.

Weapon Number Two: a bandana. For tying over my face, specifically, to minimize the amount of angora fluff that makes it into my nostrils.

Weapon Number Three: gloves. I doubt I can knit or weave with gloves on, but who wants to bet I can't rip out knitting with gloves on?

Bonus Secret Weapon: sheer force of will! I don't think it'll actually make me stop itching, but if I can wear my pretty angora-blend sweater (which a well-meaning family member gave me for Christmas) all day because I Goshdarn Want To Wear It, I can spend an hour or so ripping apart an angora sweater and another hour or two weaving it ... right?

If I don't post again for a while, let's hope it's not because I've suddenly gotten so allergic to angora that my hands have swelled up too much for typing. ;) (Doesn't seem that likely, does it? I really hope not...)
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