Aug 1, 2007

I shall costume!

My father's social butterflyism is actually paying off for me, for once; someone (I think) he went kayaking with wants some costuming done, and -- here's the amazing part -- there is no deadline. There. I said it. I know them's crazy words, but they're true.

Seriously, I'm used to working on like a month's notice, partly because I am a slacker when it comes to costuming for myself, and partly because it just tends to happen that way with other people's deadlines. They need a costume, and they need it a month from now. Two months seems like Easy Street when I can get it.

I can't bring myself to whine too much, though, because I know I can make a pretty darn detailed costume for myself in well under a month. It's the meetings with other people, the fittings, the getting approval that slow me down. Oh, okay. And sometimes the lack of motivation. ;) But that's a pretty reasonable side effect of working with people on a tight budget. I bet if someone said, "I'll give you $2000 for you, and cover the cost of materials plus next-day shipping for any supplies you need, to have this costume done in a week," I'd be done ... nearly ... ahead of time.

Anyway! I have a costume commission from a LARPer who wants a Count of Monte Cristo costume and some Ren-Fairey stuff, and there's. No. Deadline. I can't get over how giddymaking it is not to be under all that deadline-spawned pressure. Woo!

I need to work on my own costumes for D*Con, and on Brian's, too, though. That is a deadline, and eep! It's August already. See? I toldjaso.
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