Aug 24, 2007

Swatching is your friend

I swatched for Brian's Duel sweater waaaay back when, and got exact gauge with size five needles, one size smaller than the pattern calls for. No surprise, really, except on the "exact" part. I usually knit large. I swatched again yesterday and today to make sure I was still on, and good thing I did; I now have exact gauge with size seven needles, one size larger than the pattern calls for.

Hmm. I guess I'm kind of tense at the moment. ;)

My sewing machine has also been unearthed, and sits actually plugged in, all by itself on top of my sewing desk. No sewing implements, no fabric, no pins, no thread -- nothing but my sewing machine on the sewing desk right now. I suspect this is a first in my personal history of sewing -- no, really. I can't remember ever sewing on a desk that didn't have other stuff on it.

So I'm knitting tightly for the first time since the Newbie Times, and my sewing desk is actually clear for once. I guess I've gotten something out of all this waiting and crisis. ;)
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