Aug 29, 2007

Progress on the knit objects

At about 4.5 inches on the back of the Duel sweater, and I'm really enjoying the texture, drape, and shine of this yarn, not to mention the hand-dyed forest green. ;) There's a vague possibility that I may acquire a 9-to-fiveish job sometime in the next couple of weeks, which won't leave me much surprise time (that is, Secret Ninja Knitter time to make things without the recipient being around) for the Duel sweater, so as much as I can get done now is great ... plus I'd like to get as much done as possible before my erratic gauge changes again due to some arbitrary life event, or the lack thereof. ;)

I'm also at probably just under six inches (I'm too lazy to go measure right now) on that first BBS sock. Woooooo. I have some evening errands to run with Brian that will cut into my charity knitting time, and phooey on that, but I'll try to get some more done afterward.

Semi-speed-knitter, go!
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