Jun 12, 2007

Mail, mail, mail

Not that it really deserves that many repetitions, but mail in for today is "Things I Wish I Said" from storylaura, and the same swap will soon go out -- I'll put it in the mail today, but it might not get postmarked till tomorrow since I don't know yet if I'll make it to the post office in time for their last pick-up.

Not much progress on anything actively crafty -- I've been shifting the craft room from one location to another, or rather, shifting my morass of random craft materials into an actual craft room here at Brian's, but it's fairly slow going ... mostly because there's a Vast Squishy Leather Chair taking up like a sixth of the room at the moment. We still haven't quite fabricated a plan for getting the thing out of there so sensible craft thingies can move into its place, but once that happens ... poof! Up goes the fitting mirror we gleaned from Brian's grandparents' house! In go the sewing table, the serger, and the First Sewing Machine! (There will be two in that room ... and I should check whether the Second Sewing Machine works, so that if I like, I can sew here in the meantime -- but it makes such a charming table...) By then I'll probably have all my yarn here, and all my fiber, and who knows when the jewelrymaking stuff will come over ... Possibly today. ;)

In fact, I think I'll go put together the little scavenged end-table and see if the lip on it is large enough to clamp things to, like the drum carder and the ball winder and the swift and the knitting machine ... whew. ;)
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