Jun 8, 2007

Just some random linkage...

There's a cute Charmed Knits KAL blog that has a free "house hats" pattern -- whee! I'm saving that link for later, since there's no way I'm allowed to start another Thing, considering that my current Things are all on hold while I take a mini brain vacation and play a lot of Minish Cap while waiting for the rain. ;) The Charmed Knits KAL is donating to Warm Woolies, too, so it's not just HPish fun, it's charitable HPish fun.

There's also a stashbuster drawing for some yarn over at Pheelya's Ramblings blog ... Go forth and win! ;D (You're supposed to tell her when you leave your entry comment that you found the contest off my blog, although I'm not entirely sure why...)
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