Jun 20, 2007

BBS swatched!

I finally finished the swatch for my Socks for Soldiers Big Black Socks. Whew! Now I just have to wash it and see whether it shrinks. The gauge right now is -- as is typical for me -- large (nine stitches per inch instead of seven to eight). But if it shrinks just a little in the wash, the gauge will be perfect. Here's hoping. ;) I'm using Lang Jawoll, a superwash wool blend, which I got out of the donation basket and have evilly been sitting on for a while ... but once I get started, things should go faster! ;) I don't actually know what size needle I'm using; le sigh! I can't find either of my needle gauges at the moment, although I swear I was using one last time I was working on something. It's probably hiding in the bottom of the knitting bag. Anyway, I think I'm using size 1 needles, because that's the largest size listed on the package of sock needles this came out of. Now, to find something to wash the swatch with...
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