Jun 18, 2007

Deal Day

Sometimes, there are days that demand to be money-out days. ;) Sales are flighty things; I have an inconsistent history of attendance at the really great ones, mostly due to scheduling conflicts. Today I walked right into Jo-Ann's Firefly Frenzy, just looking for a couple of skeins of embroidery floss, a touch of ribbon, and a memo pad; and I walked out with several pounds of fabric remnants. Oops. ;) But they were 75% off and were thus flagging down my eye kept out for potential summer clothes fabrics...

I'm apparently also about to buy a rigid heddle loom. Eep! That was next on the list of crafty things to buy when funds cooperate, and I think $30, including shipping, for a vintage but unused 20" rigid heddle is quite cooperative, really. ::crosses fingers that it cooperates when it gets here, too::
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