May 3, 2007

SpoC, Week 1: Success! (Well, mostly. ;))

Today is the "deadline" for the first week of my Springtime of Creation project, so I got off my butt and made a necklace. Sort of. I took a fat disc pendant bead that's been sitting on my computer desk since around Valentine's Day, knitted an I-cord for it, shaped and attached a clasp and loop, and then tried to put a bail on the bead. Oops! The seed beads that were embedded in the polymer clay decided they didn't like having copper wire rubbed on them, so the pendant plus finished bail is waiting for the repair glaze to dry, and then I'm going to put on a layer of fixing glaze over the entire. (By "glaze" I actually mean Aleene's Paper Glaze, which looked like it would work and was handy.) Note to self: don't skritch seed beads out of polymer clay thingies. ;)

Anyway, I'm counting that as a first-week success, since even if I technically get the listing up late, it's not because I was a slacker and didn't do it; it's just because of the normal unforeseen delay type stuff, and that's totally okay.

Whew. Week one (mostly) down, seven to go.
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