May 4, 2007

Break time!

Oops. Forgot to charge the camera batteries last night, so still no photo or listing for the necklace I made for Week One of SpoC 2007. Oh, well. I did at least attempt to take a picture before the camera batteries died again. ;)

I also finally chose a wristwarmer pattern for my delayed trade with someone on Swap-bot: the Cider Moon "April May" lace wristwarmers. I have no clue whether I have the correct size needles to get that gauge, but I'll deal with that later today, or maybe over the weekend. Here's hoping I get them knit faster than I get the pattern chosen. ;)

And I started on plying a yarn for the also-delayed Orphan Handspun Swap (I suck! I suck! But I'm so going to send the package, so I'm not re-orphaning my partner -- just slacking, is all ;)). It's a fairly fine yarn (maybe sport weight?) and I'm using one ply of Columbia and one of Jacob, and the Columbia's been sitting for a little, while I just dyed the Jacob an interesting purple last night. As my brain seems to be on standby today, I'm not processing what that means for the active vs. passive statuses of the twist in each ply, but anyway, plying is, er, interesting. At least the yarn isn't misbehaving before I get it plied this time, as singles on the way to the two-ply, like Anne's yarn, but I'm a little paranoid about how much twist I'm putting in to keep the plies together at all, and how kinked up the resulting yarn is. The kinks aren't very determined, though, so I figure I'll ply it and wash it and see how it turns out, and I can always go back and add more twist or take twist out, or something, if I decide to. Or I can go, "Well, it's a crazyfunky yarn and you can do something with it that will look interesting with an inherent bias." After all, there is stuff out there that looks cool with a slanty fabric. ;)

After this week, I'm pretty burnt out on doing things for other people. Maybe it doesn't seem like I did that much (or does it? Like I said, my brain is on standby), but it feels like I've thought about other people and their projects a lot this week. It's time for me to put some energy into doing something for myself. I may attempt to re-swatch for Sahara, or to weave the side squares for that tote for me. Ponder.
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