May 1, 2007

More mail updates

I have word that my SBS Teas Secret Spring Genie received her package finally -- whew! I was a little paranoid about it getting there since the tracking number said it had been forwarded to another address, and I wasn't sure if the old address was a business address, but I do know that my Spring Genie just sold her business to someone else ... eep! Anyway, I'm glad she got it. Relief. :D

There's a butt load of mail waiting to go out today, too:

*Earth Mother's Day Tote Bag O'Goodies (finally!)
*Fabric Scrap Craft (UberLate!)
*Creative Journal Swap (UberLate!)
*Old Box ATCs #3 re-send to Mary Rousseaux (who didn't receive her first ones)
*A postcard to Cibele Fraga (RAK)
*Newbie/changing bad ratings swaps

...for now. I have some other things I ought to put together to add to the pile, too. This list will probably grow. ;)
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