Nov 10, 2010

Semi-wordless Wednesday: two loaves and three knits

A pictorial tour of what I've been up to lately:

The swatch!
Swatched for a new knitting pattern. Can you guess what it'll be when it's done?

Lighthouse Gansey sock
Almost finished this Lighthouse Gansey sock. Must ... keep ... knitting...

UFO vest
Finally wove in the tails on this long-unfinished vest. Yayyy for finishing five-year-old projects!

Super-flat bread
Baked a super-flat but tasty loaf of bread. Note to self: Use fresh yeast.

English muffin bread
And then baked a less-flat but also slightly less tasty (though still good) loaf of bread. Fresh yeast = taller bread. Who'd've thought?

English muffin bread (the crumb)
Here's the inside. Nom nom nom.

I also read a book and went to a birthday party (thing), but those aren't crafty ... they're just things crafters do sometimes to be able to say they don't always have their heads in a pile of yarn or a box of beads. ;)
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