Nov 1, 2010

Live at the Hallogreen

So this past weekend we did the Hallogreen in Daytona Beach, a Green Halloween event. It was a nice day, bright and sunny without being sweat-inducing, even if we didn't sell much. One of the hazards of doing craft shows is ending up in an odd place on the site, which we did this year, through the wonder of last-minute changes. Eh. It happens.

The event is done in the same location as the Saturday farmer's market — nom nom nom veggies. I didn't get a chance to wander around much, though. I was too busy spinning two whole bobbins of yarn. All in all, it's a fun event, even when I don't sell too much. (Le sigh.) I'll give it another year and we'll see what happens — the third time might just be the charm.

Here's the photo tour of the Hallogreen this year.

Handspun yarn on the table in the booth.

Another angle on the yarniness.

Shawl pins, up close
Shawl pins! On my first handwoven triloom shawl.

Handwoven stuffs
Handwoven thingies.

Glowy chain mail bracelets
The first mate's lovely chain mail glow bracelets.

Knit bracelets
And my knit bracelets.

Drop spindles
Drop spindles for spinning yarn...

A full bobbin
Or you could just watch me spin on my wheel instead. ;)

The booth
The booth, with the first mate in residence.

Tampa skyline on the drive home
And here's Tampa on the drive home. Nearly back!

It's always nice to get out of the house and meet new people, anyway.

Now ... to schedule the shows for November!
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