Oct 3, 2010

Craft or Bust Week 39 Check-In and Roundup (September 26-October 2)

We have a new member joining us for the crazy holiday crafting season! Everybody give a warm CoBer welcome to Echo M, who says: "I hope to accomplish each week at least 3 crafting goals, these will coincide with my deadlines and school assignments. In each post, I will put up the project, and deadline, and the progress the project thus-far."

Roundup of Week 38: What We Crafted From September 19-25

Last time, on Craft or Bust...

  • Echo sewed six burp cloths, attended a baby shower, and started planning for another one. She's been working on her Cropped Cardigan, but her speed been foiled by school stuff, and she has 42 coffee cozies to make by December 25. As of last week, she was on #3. Holy whoa. Read about it on her blog.
  • The ever reliable Jessica had a birthday recently! HAPPY HAPPY to you, O Wonderful Jessica! I hope it was a lovely one. In crafting news, she ripped out That Mitten because her sister didn't want them (gasp!) and the mitten didn't fit Jessica. But no worries, because she wasn't enjoying knitting it anyway. So there, Mitten. She also started a Fair Isle pillow with sheep on it (that sounds ridiculously cute), and went to the fabric store for pillow-back fabric and a zipper. She also knit two pairs of tiny cable owls and attached them to hair clips (I loves me some owls), and finished(?) Karl's bag by sewing the pieces together, embroidering numbers on, and sewing in that zipper she got at the fabric store. Go Jessica — sounds like a good week. ;D
  • Lesley, as of last week, was nearly done with another Christmas gift — hurraaaaayyy! She was five rows from finishing her Sprout Blanket and ran out of yarn, even though she bought more than the pattern said to. Oops. She ordered more from Knit Picks and was, as of last week, waiting for its arrival. (I know how that goes. Waiting for some Cotswold locks here.) She almost finished another sock during the wait, which is, yes, another gift. Such a giving person, Lesley. ;D

Check-in for Week 39: What Have You Done Lately? (September 26-October 2)

Ewephoric Fibers yarnIt's been a busy week here at the S&C headquarters. But that's the way it should be leading up to the holidays, right? This is what I've been up to: Sunday, I researched photos for shawl pin inspiration and did some brainstorming/sketches for autumn shawl pins. I also made a couple of new shawl pins, picked some yarn for knitting a Buttonhead hat, cast on, and knit about half of my Buttonhead. Monday, I went to Jo-Ann to pick up a new circular needle for finishing the hooded shrug test knit, and did some creative redecorating of the post-Debacle house. Tuesday, we cleaned some more of our ex-trashed belongings rather than crafting. Wednesday, I washed the yarn that was formerly a sweater, photographed some shawl pins, listed a shawl pin in the Etsy shop, did a bunch of crafty business admin stuff, and knit an inch or two of the Buttonhead. Thursday, I went thrift-storing for white sheets to make into curtains (and found some actual white curtains, too), went to Jo-Ann looking for candle wick but found it at Michaels instead, and went to the health food store for supplies to make bread. I even found some sourdough starter to replace the stuff that got thrown out in the Debacle. Yayyy! Also finished the Buttonhead hat — I even sewed on the buttons and wove in the tails rather than procrastinating. Friday, I wrote a draft of a new free knitting pattern, took pictures of the Buttonhead, divided my yarn into halves for an Argante shawl, cast on said shawl, and knitted to about half of the first increase section. Saturday, I made it through the short rows and into the second increase section of the Argante shawl (I'm going so fast on this one that I can't wait to see what interrupts me for a month and keeps me from finishing! ;)), made a bunch of shawl pin bases, actually finished two new shawl pins, listed one of them in the shop, and wove a triangle on my triloom with the recently-recycled sweater yarn.


Your turn — share your own crafty accomplishments from the past week in the comments here. Don't forget to use the standard check-in format on the rules page, and you can also add your photos to the Craft or Bust Flickr pool!

And as always, if you're new to Craft or Bust, check out the CoB rules page and sign up if you like — it's easy!
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