Sep 13, 2007

Saturday market shawlette, fin!

I look like a freak in this shot (this equals photos at three a.m. plus sleeplessness while watching boyfriend play video games), but this is my latest finished object: the Sunday Market Shawl, which I think is just lovely. I'm going to make another for my mom. :D

I've also been playing on Ravelry a lot lately, and worrying about a potential new job. Almost done with Sahara, although not close enough for me to be in the gung-ho must-finish-now-come-hell-or-high-water stage.

Financial troubles hopefully at an end soon. If I get my security clearance for this copy editor job, I should be in the clear for a while yet. Whew. Poor Brian really needs the help right now, but once he's at leisure to look for a new job instead of just grabbing the first (crappy, but less crappy than his current) one he finds, he should be more at ease and more capable of finding something that doesn't need me to help for him to pay all his bills. ;) (Our bills, maybe, but I didn't have to acquire them ... so they're kinda still his. ;D)

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