Sep 20, 2007

OMG. Yarn stashage impending. I shall never go home.

I just found out that The Talked About Yarn Shop (a.k.a. Knit 'N' Knibble) is like A MILE away from the building my new job is going to be located in once they move. Right now we're on the Air Force base because the computers need to be government-installed, yaddayadda, but at some point they're planning on moving back to the triangular shiny tall building by the Mall of Doomful Traffic ... and Knit 'N' Knibble, which I've been hearing about for years, pretty much since I started knitting regularly, is SO a mile or two away. As in, turn off the street that the triangular building is on, and go a mile, and there you are. WHOA.

I have totally passed this yarn shop twice in the past week without knowing it.
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