May 23, 2011

And lo, there was much finishing, and it was good

Who, me? Absent?

Okay, you win. I've been quiet here for a while, but look! I've been doing things, and I have photographic proof!

I finished that gigantic pink scarf:

Gigantic pink scarf — finished!

And I finished knitting my TwitKAL/Wanderheart shawl, which looked like this before blocking:

Finally finished TwitKAL shawl

...and is currently stretched out on the rack floor, drying into its newer prettier shape:

TwitKAL shawl, blocking

And I finally Navajo-plied the second bobbin of Rubies and Sapphires Merino that I spun during last year's Tour de Fleece:

Second skein of Rubies and Sapphires Merino

Hmm. That doesn't seem like much, does it?

I've also been baking and going to the beach, though not at the same time (yet — someday I'll have a solar oven, mark my words!).

Muffins of some kind
Random baking pic

A tiny crab
Random beach picture. Tiny crab waves hi!

And I've been working on my Big Black Socks and on a secret knitting project for my Santosha Swap partner (which I could probably actually post about, since only the organizer knows which partner is assigned to who ;)), but those aren't ready for photography yet. ;D

So ... see. I've been doing stuff. And there is more stuff yet to come. Think productive thoughts at me, 'cause I'm still going strong now ... but I can use all the encouragement I can get!
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