Jan 2, 2011

Craft or Bust 2010 Roundup!

Holy crap, you guys. The end of Craft or Bust 2010 slipped past me like water under a sailing ship under way, and here we are in a new year. And yes, we're doing Craft or Bust again in 2011. At least I am, and you're welcome to join me again (or for the first time!) if you're so inclined.

So how was your 2010? :D

Mine was ... well, it was. There were, as there always are, good times and bad times.

I kept an entire year's worth of accomplishments lists. I met my Craft or Bust goal — to craft every single week, yes! Yes, I did! And that was a huge win, especially since I crafted through thick and thin, through all the crap times as well as when things were going well enough that I was tempted to just ride the wave of goodness instead of crafting at all.

I learned some new recipes and new foodie techniques, met a lot of crafty people, sold more items on Etsy than I've ever sold before, and got some solid craft show experience under my belt. Although I definitely didn't meet all of my goals for the year, it wasn't for lack of thought or effort — it was mostly because on top of last year being craftier than any other year in my recent history, it was also more full of bizarre nonsense, which is, y'know. Kinda distracting. ;)

Anyway, I'm glad I did Craft or Bust, and I'm glad I had people to craft along with me — I'm glad for everyone who showed an interest, from the people who stuck by me to the people who said it sounded cool but they didn't dare sign up yet. You all helped me feel like my goal was feasible, and hey! It turns out it was! :D

If you want to do Craft or Bust 2011, feel free to mosey on over to the mailing list sign up form and add yourself to the list. We'll use the same rules (well, really guidelines) as last year except that sign-ups will be through the mailing list for now. Maybe I'll update and revamp the guidelines in another post coming up soon, or maybe I'll do it on the mailing list ... I'm not sure yet how I'm going to do things this year. ;) I just know that I have plans to streamline the process on my end a bit, so that hopefully you won't have to wait on my blogging schedule to check in or read about other people's progress. And there are ideas for some new features percolating in my head — nothing against the freewheeling spirit of CoB, but things that will maybe make the process more fun and interesting for all you lovely crafty people who choose to come along this year.

Anyway, for those of you who played last year, feel free to post comments with ideas for this year, for how you feel about how you did last year, etc. :D I'm all ears!
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