Oct 26, 2009

Proto Web site is live!

Finally, over a year after my domain name was snatched away from me by unscrupulous Webthieves out to make a buck, Star and Crossbones again has a home on the Web!

No internal pages, no fancy schmancy features ... just a little old index page with a couple of graphics and links. But it links here, and it links to my Etsy shop, and it will let you sign up for the mailing list (Is the light shining down from above for you?), so it will serve until I do a more serious redesign of the entire site.

Go forth and visit, if you please, and do, definitely do tell me if the site looks wonked up on your computer or if you find something about it unusable, appalling, or a complete turn-off in any fashion. You are my testing group, and your experiences are valued.

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