Aug 21, 2016

Return of the mojo

It's not all the way back, but some of it is back, anyway. Look at what I've been working on lately!  

Collage of made stuffs, August 2016

Clockwise from top left, that's some Falkland wool I've been spinning into yarn (hand dyed by Little Libellule), a fig and almond cake from a New York Times recipe (note to self: Do use the food processor next time; don't chop almonds for half an hour and make your finger all tingly and numb where it was pressing too hard on the knife), and all the rest are squares I've woven lately on my 4-inch Weave-It pin loom. I finally got out of my plain-weave pin loom rut, and non-plain-weave squares are easier than I thought they would be — silly me, for being intimidated and ignoring them for so long.

In reawakening my crafty self, I've re-noticed that my craft blog could use a(nother) serious redesign, and that my Ravelry account is saaaaaaaadly out of date. There are bajillions of projects and stash yarns, etc., that aren't on there. But it's better to be crafting again than not, even if I have a few years of blanks to fill in now. ;D

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